Dear Colleagues:

Hey, what about us! Employees have a vested interest in your company's success. They are the most connected to your products and operations. They have a tremendous contribution to make towards the awareness and understanding of the company's mission, values and products.

Every day each employee returns home and shares office talk with their family and friends. The informal rumor mill disseminates much about company's financial position, management performance and product receptivity. If you haven't already embraced your employees as a valuable part of your marketing arm, then it's about time!

Employees crave more information about strategies and new products. The more you communicate, the more likely the company strategy and brand will be effectively and accurately implemented. It is time to give employees the tools they need to boast about their employer's virtues!

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Effective Internal Communications is Key

It is wise to keep employees informed about new developments, crises, marketing plans and messages. Employee word-of-mouth contributes to the marketplace's understanding of the company's practices and plans. This helps to teach employees about the competitive landscape and market research that drives strategies. Choose a forum: company-wide or departmental meetings, Intranet, email, video or satellite.

Why keep employees informed?

To motivate. Communicating with employees shows respect for their important contributions. It generates enthusiasm to embrace and advance company policy and strategy.

To mobilize.
Whether launching new products or navigating a crisis, an organized internal communications practice generates goodwill, necessary action and collective responsibility both in good and bad times.

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Employees Express Your Brand

Those on your payroll speak volumes about your company. They express your corporate culture. People gravitate to companies that reflect their values, work style and personalities. When outsiders encounter your employees, they draw conclusions about how business is conducted, how employees feel about their workplace, and how well the company fits with the type of operation they want to do business with.

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Leveraging Employees to Communicate Your Brand
  • Give employees branded clothing and merchandise. They'll publicize the company and its products beyond the workplace.
  • Create a work environment (space, dress code, policies) that express the brand's values and image.
  • Involve employees in creating a company values statement and display it throughout the organization and on its website.
  • Create customer relations policies and practices that reflect the brand value proposition and be sure all are trained and supported to deliver on your promises.
  • Reward employee achievements and conduct that contributes to the brand.
  • Facilitate employee involvement in civic affairs that reflect the brand.
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