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We are well into 2012, yet much time and opportunity stands before us. This issue of Marketing Coach captures some of the hottest trends that should influence our thinking as we implement and assess our PR and marketing strategies.

As I reviewed some of the conversations about trends through social media and search, it struck me how the marketing strategies, channels and communications tactics that are being studied and deployed are parallel and increasingly similar - whether we are targeting consumers in the mass market or though luxury channels -- or even B2B marketing, which is quickly blurring with B2C in approach.

I encourage you to take a look at the information and analysis available through some of the sources that we link to below.

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"Marketing trend spotters all agree that large retailers will be stepping up multi-channel outreach creating promotions and campaigns that are redeemable across social, mobile and print platforms."
Trends in Mass, Luxe and B2B
Mass Marketing: Retail, etail and mobile

The consensus of marketing experts is that multi-channel campaigns are essential in today's market. Marketing trend spotters all agree that large retailers will be stepping up multi-channel outreach creating promotions and campaigns that are redeemable across social, mobile and print platforms.
Sources: @pbsmallbusiness, @BennaP, @leapfrogg

To reduce risk while continuing to grow, large retailers will focus on opening smaller stores in urban centers. Target ended 2011 with about 21 new smaller urban concept "CityTargets," which that are 60,000-80,000 square feet as opposed to the company's typical 125,000 square foot store.
Sources: @colliersintl, Terranomics

Industry analysts across the board have identified an increase in mobile/location-based marketing as a top trend.
Sources: @BlueHiveInc, @dministry, @pbsmallbusiness

In addition, retailers will place a greater focus on building campaigns around social media platforms to take meet the needs of shoppers who increasingly research sites while at the store (mobile in-aisle shopping).
Sources: @biz-rt, @BlueHiveInc, @distmarketing

9 Luxury Trends to Synchronize

1. Many top luxury brands will concentrate on their heritage lines, eliminating mass products to address brand erosion.
Source: @2luxury2,

2. Look for more limited editions and at a higher level for the most affluent.
Sources: @Forbes, luxuryinstitute.com

3. Expect more made-to-order/bespoke products.
Sources: @McKQuarterly, @Forbes, mckinsey.com, luxuryinstitute.com

4. Electronic gadgets and fine wines remain the fastest growing categories.
Sources: @InspireExpo, inspireexhibition.com

5. China will represent the biggest short-term growth among emerging markets.
Source: @luxurydaily, luxurydaily.com

6. Although China will be the strongest buying group for luxury goods, expect to see the country's spending slow down.
Source: @bloomberg, d bloomberg.com

7. More online purchases of luxury goods are forecast.
Source: @McKQuarterly, d mckinsey.com

8. Deal hunting has become a status symbol: "Catch a Choo"? Select luxury sites are offering affluent buyers deals on luxury items.
Sources: @hospitalitynet, @kwetravel, d kwegroup.com

9. Luxury brand mobile apps become better and relevant, but commoditized.
Sources: Luxury Institute, @marketwire, d marketwatch.com

B2B vs. B2C: Can you tell them apart?

One can't help but notice that the top trends underway in the business-to-business marketing arena run parallel to those in consumer marketing.

First, the increasing use of marketing automation solutions reflects the reality that all marketing and sales organizations are looking to optimize and increase their number of qualified leads and boost sales. These sources address this modus operandae from a B2B perspective.

If you thought that social media was just a consumer platform, think again. Social selling will be a focus this year, as B2B sales and marketing professionals jostle to find qualified leads from across the internet through social media channels.

"Content is King"
continues to ring true. In B2B marketing, the use of content as a marketing tactic will increase with marketers hoping to use it to demonstrate their expertise, build relationships with customers and prospects and become a trusted source of valuable information. Marketers will provide more content online and intentionally more relevant content, to help B2B buyers build internal business cases and justify purchasing decisions.

While bundling has been a popular consumer marketing approach for decades, bundling will increase as B2B marketers get smarter about pre-packaging products and services based on customer needs and problem-solving opportunities.
Source: @IXChat

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