Dear Colleagues:

Alas, summertime! I thought it would never come.


Hopefully our friends in the Midwest and Northeast are through with their last snow for a while!


Since summer is meant to be a light, bright time, this issue of Marketing Coach will be brief. Here are 6 tips for approaching the summer season of 2013 for public relations, communications and workplace sanity.


As an added bonus, please enjoy this Summertime video.



summertime miles davis
Miles Davis - Summertime

"Even the most serious brands will want to embrace the mood and shift tone and content to reflect the desire for feeling good, levity, unwinding..."

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  1. Enjoy the weather. For some cold climate companies that means shorter Friday workdays. Walk to work, get outside for lunch or hold a meeting in the sunshine. For many, we schedule vacation during the coming months.  

  2. Refresh. Reflect on the first half of the year. Has your messaging told your brand story the way you intended? Are customers responding as you intend?

  3. Renew. Take a step back and consider any course correction for the balance of the year. Even better, are there any opportunities to jump on that would change your priorities? Just because you put it in writing during Q1, doesn't mean you can't update your plan.

  4. Lighten up.It's summer! This time of year you want to be approachable. Even the most serious brands will want to embrace the mood and shift tone and content to reflect the desire for feeling good, levity, unwinding, relaxation, and rewards for a hectic and accomplished first half of the year. 

  5. Get out! Your customers are outside, so go get 'em. We all know how many use handheld devices routinely. You can be sure that usage of social media and mobile devices for search, connecting and entertainment will surge as customers spend more time away from their desks - many doing business or transacting while on the go, outdoors and unwinding. Communicate with your audiences with a tone, content and tools that reflect, respect and rejoice in this understanding. 

  6. Embrace summer. Be sure your R&R renews you for energetic connections. Use this time to plan a powerful fall and year-end. Be ready for the work week that begins day after Labor Day with a sense of purpose, opportunity and relevance to all whom you communicate.
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